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Oklahoma Estate Planning

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Oklahoma Estate Planning

As experienced Oklahoma estate planning attorneys, we know all too well that many people put off estate planning until it is too late, leaving their loved ones to deal with a lengthy, complicated, and expensive division of their estate. At that point, the loved ones have no choice except to stick it out until the matter is resolved.

When someone dies without a will or trust in Oklahoma, the court essentially writes a will for that person. During probate, the court decides how the decedent’s property is transferred. This process can be expensive and stressful as taxes and probate fees are taken out of the estate and the surviving family members are left to argue over the division of the assets.

Much, if not all, of the hassle of the probate process and the fees and stress that come with it can be avoided if you contact an Oklahoma City estate planning attorney to assist you with developing a plan for the distribution of your property after your death.

Objectives of an estate plan
A well-thought out and professionally prepared estate plan can provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your legacy is secure. A complete estate plan can:
Ensure that your debts are paid and your property is distributed according to your wishes. Minimize your tax burden and probate expenses. Preserve the maximum amount of your assets for your loved ones and preferred charities. Provide for your children, elderly parents, and other dependents. Plan for your incapacity to avoid the need for a costly guardianship or conservatorship. Make sure that your wishes for end of life care are known and followed.
Estate planning documents
An Oklahoma City estate planning attorney at Foshee and Yaffe can develop a personalized estate plan for you that will ensure that your estate planning goals are met. Most clients will need a will, a revocable trust, a durable power of attorney, and an advance directive for health care (living will). Others may have more complex needs that require additional documents, such as charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, QTIP and credit shelter trusts, and family limited partnerships.

Whatever your estate planning needs, you can trust the Tulsa and Oklahoma City estate planning attorneys at Foshee and Yaffe to assist you. We will work together to create the plan that is right for your family. Contact us today at (405) 264-5777 or (888) 873-9238. We represent clients in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and throughout western Oklahoma.