In the state of Oklahoma, employers and employees are allowed to terminate the employment relationship for any reason, with a few exceptions. The first is when an employment contract has been drawn up and signed by both parties.  Sometimes these contracts limit employers from being able to terminate the employee during a predetermined time. In addition, employers may not end an employee relationship in an act of discrimination — based on that employee’s race, national origin, gender, age, pregnancy, religion, or disability.


Federal law protects employees that have experienced discrimination based on any of the above reasons. Employers that engage in such activity should be held accountable. If you are experiencing such treatment, the appropriate thing to do is to seek the counsel of a Foshee & Yaffe Oklahoma employment law attorney.

Anyone who feels they were discriminated against based on race, age, nationality, disability, gender, religion, or pregnancy may file a legal complaint with the Oklahoma labor commission. This includes anyone who is applying for employment, currently employed or has been recently terminated.

Conversely, some employees have sought to leverage their race, gender or religion to bring unreasonable and unfair complaints against employers. In such cases, the employment law can protect employers from the impact of unjust accusations.


Some employees fear retaliation from employers after they report any incidents of workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, some employers have been known to retaliate and fire an employee after standing up for themselves. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. Both federal and Oklahoma state laws are in place to protect employees from such retaliation.


The employment lawyers at Foshee & Yaffe have the kind of discrimination and retaliation law expertise to stand up boldly for you and your rights. Dealing with employment proceedings can be a complex thing to navigate. Foshee & Yaffe attorneys have the kind of experience you need, having worked with both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Oklahoma Office of Human Rights (OHR) on several cases.


Foshee & Yaffe offers representation for both employers and employees rgarding discrimination laws. This gives us in-depth knowledge as to what motivates both sides of an employment issue. You can trust that your claim will be handled with competence and tenacity to develop the best argument to achieve the successful outcome you deserve.

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