One of the most selfless things a person can do is make tough decisions that pertain to what happens after they die. While few like to spend much time thinking about important details of what happens after they pass, the good it does for your surviving family members is almost unquantifiable. Clarity of what your wishes are is the goal of any advance directives.


An advance directive is simply a written statement of your wishes. This could be in regards to future medical treatment. Your living will may be included. Advanced directives are established to ensure your medical-related wishes are articulated in such a way that they are clearly known and understood should you ever become unable to communicate them yourself. An experienced attorney can help you understand your advance directives and what you need to include in it.

Advanced directives can take on a couple of basic forms:

  1. Living Will
  2. Power Of Attorney


Powers of attorney can be financial related, healthcare related, or both. In order to give the powers of attorney advanced directive you will need to decide on a trustworthy person on whom you can depend to carry out your wishes in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. Some of our clients see the benefit of splitting up powers of attorney between two people – one to decide medical-related matters, another to act as their agent for all financial matters.


In Oklahoma, we call the person to whom you give medical power of attorney your health care proxy. Many people wait until they receive a certain diagnosis from the doctor before they name their health care proxy, but one point of note about of filing an advanced directive before you become ill is that your power of attorney can be flexible. Our team of experienced advance directive attorneys can walk you through how to set yourself up for success with a well-drafted document. 

Your living will is the advanced directive used to specify what types of medical treatment you wish to proceed with should you need it and what you would not like to happen. Again, if you are not in a situation where any specific treatment is relevant to your current health circumstances, we can advise you as to what would be prudent to include just in case.


Our team is proud to offer a wide range of legal services to spell out your wishes and serve your family well when the time comes. Our experienced and understanding attorneys can simplify the process for you so that you and your family can have peace of mind in the areas of healthcare and financial decisions.

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