When fire strikes, we’re here to make sure your insurance pays.

Get the compensation you deserve from your insurance company.

You pay your insurance on time; they should pay back when it's time.

Wildfires have become a common occurrence each year in Oklahoma throughout summer months when the land gets dry, and the temperature rises. We fight for homeowners, business owners and those that make a living off of their land. Fires can take out your cows, horses, chickens, and other livestock along with your crops, farmland, stables, and other precious necessities to your livelihood. Families can lose everything when their home or business is destroyed.  Recovery can seem out of reach when your insurance company fails to offer compensation even when your policy seemingly covers it. The attorneys at Foshee and Yaffe are here to make sure that you get what you deserve. We will not allow them to underpay or deny your claim. If you've been paying on a policy for years and your insurance company is treating you unfairly, it's time to take action and get an experienced lawyer on your side that will fight for you. Contact us by completing a form or calling us at (405) 378-3033.

Business, farmland, or home Destroyed? Don’t let your fire claim be delayed or denied.

If you are a fire coverage policyholder, your insurance company is required to uphold the terms of your policy. Throughout our years of experience, we have seen insurance companies use tactics of intimidation and dishonesty to prolong or prevent giving clients the compensation that is rightfully owed. Insurance companies may attempt to intimidate and coerce you to settle for a low payout, delay your claim by simply failing to return your calls, or even dispute the amount of coverage or damage that you have. Despite their attempts to prevent payout, our expertise and knowledge help ensure that you are able to rebuild after fire damage by fighting for you to get what you deserve.

Let us help. Get a fire insurance attorney.

Our insurance attorneys can take the burden off of you and allow you the peace-of-mind to recover from the tragedy that fire brings. We know what to look out for and how the process is supposed to be handled. We will take over the time-consuming negotiation with your insurance company and handle any problem that they may attempt to raise in an effort to delay payout.

We can help with:

  • Insurance negligence
  • Insurance delay in payment
  • Residential fire claims
  • Commercial fire claims
  • Property management company claims
  • Loss of business income

Contact us for representation.

The Foshee and Yaffe attorneys at law are here to serve you and help you make it through the disaster of fire damage. Our goal is to take the stress off of you and handle the process on your behalf. We understand that fire damage can leave you trying to rebuild your life and there is no reason that you should not have our full support along with the compensation that you deserve. If you’re paying on a fire insurance policy and your insurance company refuses to payout when fire strikes, give us a call today at (405) 378-3033.