Guardianship is something that Oklahoma courts take very seriously. Once a person is determined to be in need of a guardian, it is rare that a court ever goes back on its decision.  In other words, it is likely a permanent decision. Therefore, it is paramount that those involved approach the process with sincere compassion and a well-informed strategy.


  • Families of minor children whose parents have suddenly died
  • Families of individuals with terminal illness
  • Parents of adult children with special needs
  • Families of elderly who become incapacitated
  • Families with a loved one who becomes mentally disabled


When Oklahoma courts are met with the challenge of appointing guardianship of minors or physically and/or mentally disabled adults, there are many factors that come into consideration. Guardianship is appointed for a person who is unable to make decisions for himself/herself in regards to managing things such as the provision of medical care, food, clothing, or a home.

Guardians will be responsible for taking on tasks such as paying bills, addressing medical concerns, and looking after the everyday needs of the ward. Oklahoma courts will work to ensure that the right guardian is chosen so that the ward is protected and that their best interests are being considered.

In some cases, full guardianship is not necessary or not in the best interest of the ward, and conservatorship is awarded instead. Conservatorship is not full responsibility for all decisions regarding a person (medical, daily cared, etc.), but rather simply financial stewardship.


Before a guardianship hearing ever happens, you need to know that (when everyone involved is in agreement from the start) the whole process can be a routine legal proceeding, at best. However, on the other hand, there are cases that can be very difficult experiences, emotionally heavy throughout. Either way, you need the kind of guardianship attorney with the kind of experience to help you navigate the process to reach the best possible outcome for your loved one.

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