The lawyers at Foshee & Yaffe take great pride in assisting our county’s Veterans in receiving the disability benefits they deserve. Today’s Veterans have access to a wide range of benefits; however, applying for and receiving those benefits can be complex. Some applicants will have to appeal a negative decision at least once, if not multiple times. The Veterans Affairs Department (VA) is the government agency that handles all applications for Veterans disability benefits. While some progress has been made in simplifying the application process, there are still many hurdles to overcome in receiving benefits.

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Veterans who served in any branch of the armed forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards or Marines, who suffer a debilitating injury or illness that occurred during service (or was worsened because of military service) may be eligible for Veterans disability compensation. Preparing and filing a claim can be a complicated and burdensome process that requires a wealth of documentation, medical records, and service records. The OK law firm of Foshee & Yaffe will guide you through this claim’s process and ensure you submit a comprehensive claim. If your initial claim has been denied, our VA disability attorneys will represent you throughout the appeals process to give you the best chance of a positive outcome for your appeal.

Veterans, surviving spouses, and surviving children are eligible to seek Veterans disability compensation and VA benefits.


Foshee & Yaffe VA disability attorneys have expertise in many types of claims, including:

  • Service-connected disability compensation
  • Dependency and indemnity compensation
  • Compensation for injury or death caused by a VA hospital
  • Psychological disorder disability compensation
  • Agent Orange and toxic exposure disability claims

Because of the vast circumstances that result in injury or even death while serving our country, our Oklahoma City lawyers recognize that no two cases are the same. We will determine the best strategy to handle your VA disability claim and give you specific guidelines for your situation.


To obtain VA disability benefits, you must provide proof of the following three facts:

  1. You suffer from a current injury or illness
  2. Reports or verification that you first suffered the symptoms of the injury or illness while serving or shortly after serving, or that your symptoms were worsened during your time of service
  3. Establish a link between the current disability and the service-related event, injury or disease


In recent years, the VA has recognized a number of disorders that result from military and wartime service, including:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Toxic exposure from Gulf War service time
  • Agent Orange exposure during Vietnam service time
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gulf War Syndrome

Some of these disorders have a wide array of symptoms and conditions that affect Veterans in various manners. The VA has established certain guidelines for these undefined symptoms that allow you to recover benefits. A veterans disability attorney at Foshee & Yaffe in Oklahoma City can help you determine if you will qualify based on a disorder.


If you or a loved one suffers from debilitating conditions related to military service, contact the Veterans disability lawyers in Oklahoma City at Foshee & Yaffe. We will pursue your benefits to help you establish financial peace.

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