Trends show that about 20 percent of homeowners in Oklahoma City live in homes governed by homeowners' associations (HOAs). Many people love the consistency and the increased property value that HOAs are intended to provide. Some choose homeowners' association homes so they won’t have to see car parts and random machinery strewed across driveways and yards of other homes in their neighborhood.

Rules and regulations of an HOA are created to establish community standards. Covenants and restrictions are enforced, dealing with anything from the types of materials used in building the house to the number of cars in your driveway and the exact specifications of the type of fences owners can erect.

However, when the power of an HOA goes unchecked, the homeowners themselves suffer the consequences. When a member of a homeowners' association refuses to comply with even the pettiest of rules, he or she could be taken to court. Conversely, in certain situations, an individual member of an HOA may have unwittingly signed his or her right to sue away.

Homeowner Advocacy

If you are considering building or purchasing a house or condominium governed by the covenants of a homeowners' association here in the Oklahoma City area, it would be beneficial to you to look over that contract with an attorney before you sign it.

In addition, if feel you have suffered damages via an existing relationship with and contractual obligations to your HOA, you need to speak with an experienced homeowners' attorney about potential civil litigation.

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