Mineral rights are a unique kind of individual right in this world. Most countries’ governments seize the rights to all mineral resources. In those countries, no extraction or sale of valuable minerals (including rocks) is allowed without the express consent of that particular government.

The United States is the small minority when it comes to mineral resources ownership. Rights to ownership here in the U.S. begin with property ownership, and it includes minerals accessed both at surface and subsurface levels. These rights can be transferred for the purpose of drilling, mining or any other means of mineral resources production.

Rather than pursuing full ownership, many times it makes sense for companies to leasing property where mineral and resources production may occur. The state of Oklahoma has laws that govern this lease process. Foshee & Yaffe can protect the interests of the lessee or the lessor, ensuring transactional compliance with any relevant federal and state laws.

Most lease agreements include granting access to entrance onto the property for the benefit of conducting appropriate mineral tests. Part of the negotiation process will be to determine the adequate lease duration. After the lease term has expired, all of the mineral rights will return to the property owner.

Foshee & Yaffe attorneys advise and assist mineral and resource owners concerning how to protect and profit from resource interests.


Each time you are presented with a lease proposal, take a moment to fully leverage the contract experience of Foshee & Yaffe Attorneys at Law for your benefit. Our team will be able to help walk you through all pertinent aspects of each contract so that you can make informed decisions and have confidence in negotiations. Our mineral and resources lease expertise includes helping with:

  • Lease drafting
  • Lease agreement review
  • Contract interpretation
  • Mineral and resources lease negotiation
  • Other oil and gas lease negotiation
  • Surface damage agreements
  • Easements land use counsel

In addition, our civil litigation team is poised to help you with the preparation of legal documentation involving mineral or resource interests such as:

  • Mineral deeds
  • Royalty deeds
  • Assignments
  • Amendments
  • Ratifications for transactions


Foshee & Yaffe Attorneys At Law are well-equipped to serve property owners and a wide range of companies within the energy industry. Our goal is to provide expert assistance and proficient representation in your minerals and resources contract matter. We seek to understand your interests and bring the value of experienced and thorough counsel.

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