If your elderly parent suffers a falling accident in a nursing home, it may be a sign that your parent is not getting proper care. In a well-run nursing home, injuries from negligence are rare, and the facility is forthcoming and apologetic.

Did your aging or disabled loved one die, suddenly take ill, or require hospitalization for hazily explained injuries? If you suspect mistreatment or neglect, contact Foshee & Yaffe. Our experienced nursing home negligence lawyers have made nursing homes pay damages. Call 877-423-8939 for a free initial consultation.


Attorneys Jerry Foshee and Blake Yaffe each have more than 30 years of experience as personal injury attorneys, including recoveries for negligence leading to injuries in nursing homes and other care facilities:

  • Fall down injury — falls from bed, falling from a gurney during transport, or falling while walking unassisted
  • Bed sores (pressure sores) — serious wounds and infections caused from lying in one position for extended periods
  • Nursing medication errors — wrong drug, wrong dose, or failure to administer necessary medications
  • Malnourishment or dehydration — failing to monitor diet or assist with feeding
  • Physical or sexual abuse by a staffer or other resident
  • Elopement — injuries suffered when a patient wanders away from the facility

Understaffing and negligent hiring and supervision are often the root of the problem. Residents with pre-existing conditions may have special care plans that are ignored. Perhaps patients are not escorted to the bathroom or assisted in showering.

We consult with medical experts, nursing home administrators, and government agencies to document conditions and demonstrate that the facility did not meet industry standards of care. We pursue full compensation for medical treatment and permanent harm, as well as wrongful death lawsuits.

If your parent or elderly relative is suffering due to nursing home negligence, contact Foshee & Yaffe for a free case evaluation and aggressive representation. We have offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Sayre.