If you’ve had any experience with a real estate sale, rental, or exchange here in Oklahoma City, you know the importance of having the right contract in place. After completing the difficult work of negotiating a real estate deal, it is imperative that you secure a real estate contract to protect yourself and your investment.  Whether it’s a conventional lease agreement, purchase contract, lease purchase, or rent-to-own contract, a bilateral legal agreement between you and another party must be made with the expectation that all parties will be faithful to the terms.

Oklahoma City Real Estate

For nearly 50 years, Foshee & Yaffe has helped our Oklahoma City clientele create stalwart real estate contracts that allow them to pursue their real estate investments with confidence.  Our real estate law experience includes working with commercial contracts, residential purchasing and selling, single-family home investments, researching homeowners' association contracts and representing our clients at closing.

Contract Breaches

From time to time, lessees and others in contract with our clients will do something that is in breach of the established contract. Among the many things we can do for our real estate contract clients is to walk you through what steps to take if and when this occurs. Our job as your real estate attorney is to help you retrieve appropriate and reasonable damages when said contracts are broken.

It would be our privilege to speak with you about your real estate investments and how we can be of benefit to you in the creation, representation, and execution of our thorough real estate contracts. Contact our offices today for a free initial consultation.