Insurance companies in the United States have a legal obligation to fair dealing and a duty of good faith with their policyholders. When insurance companies violate these duties, either through negligence or intentional act, this is called bad faith insurance. In these situations, policyholders have every right to file tort claims in pursuit of appropriate compensation. In addition, breach of contract claims may also be in order in certain cases. If you have been the victim of bad faith insurance, don’t hesitate to enlist the advocacy of Foshee & Yaffe Attorneys at Law to represent your best interests.

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Your insurance policy is an agreement to be upheld and protected by law. When an accident occurs, that is covered by your insurance policy your insurance company has an obligation to pay as soon as it is reasonably clear that your claim is eligible. When this does not occur, you may have a bad faith claim.


One tactic that may be used to delay payment on a claim is to delay the perfunctory investigation into your claim. Another tactic is only to pay a small portion of the claim with no plans to pay out the remainder of what may be legitimately owed based on your policy. At worst, your legitimate claim may be denied outright based on illegitimacy.


Bad faith claims come in various forms. If you have experienced a delayed investigation, delayed payment or a denied claim based on any of these reasons, call Foshee & Yaffe Attorneys at Law, and we can discuss how to stand up for your rights.

  • Your phone calls are not being returned by the claims adjuster

  • You are not receiving a response to your emails

  • Insurance company holds up your claim based on minor document errors

  • Claims adjuster denies your claim without investigation

  • Settlement is offered that is unreasonably low

  • No reason given for denied claim

  • You are passed from one claims adjuster to the next for no apparent reason

  • Your claim is said to have been lost

  • There has been no clear communication as to when your claim will be processed or when you will receive payment

  • Adjusters are inexplicably rude

  • Adjusters and insurance staff use intimidation or veiled threats

  • You are told a settlement is coming, but negotiations are continually delayed

  • No legitimate basis for low settlement offer


If you believe you have been the victim of a bad faith insurance claim, you have an advocate in Foshee & Yaffe Attorneys at Law. Let us fully employ our nearly 50 years of experience on your behalf in holding all liable parties accountable. Foshee & Yaffe Attorneys at Law is big enough to fight and small enough to care. Schedule your initial consultation in Oklahoma City, Tulsa or Sayre by contacting us online or calling (405) 378-3033.